Privacy is a commodity we give away freely in this one click digital era. Except here, I deeply respect your right to privacy, below details how information may be collected depending on how you use this site, and the steps taken to protect your privacy.

The aim of this policy, is to provide complete transparency around what information is collected, how it is stored and transmitted and the steps a user can take to protect their privacy. Any changes to this policy will be made clear below.

You Are In Good Hands!

  • All connections to this website are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption. Thats the same padlock that protects bank websites.
  • I/We will never share information or make it available for sale.

Third Parties That Receive Data

Our Hosting Provider

Our hosting provider will receive and store information about your visit, this includes the time, resources requested (i.e. the pages looked at.) and your public address. (IP)

Analytical Data

The domains listed above have Analytics deployed for the purpose of understanding our audience, website performance and creating more engaging content.

We may use the data provided to better adapt our site to our users, including the type of content published and the technology used to deliver this experience.

You can opt-out/in below.

Email Marketing by Mailchimp

As part of our email marketing, we use a service called Mailchimp, to manage email lists and send mass communications. Any email address entered on the domains listed above will likely be transmitted to this service for the purpose of providing you with the email marketing.

Mailchimp Privacy Policy

Push Notifications by One Signal

Our push notification service used to notify you of new posts and announcements is provided by One Signal.

OneSignal Privacy Policy

Disclosure Of Information

Required By Law

We/I will only disclose information if required to by law.


Our site respects your privacy. Email marketing is strictly opt-in.

Privacy Related Questions

Privacy Questions Answered!

Q. What is the function of the Encrypt button on the contact form?

In addition to the secure connection to the site. The Encrypt button will add an extra high level of security to the message being sent ensuring privacy. Once Encrypted the message can only be read using a key to unlock it.

Please note the name, email and subject fields will not be encrypted.

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